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Overall, The Prep Centre can play a crucial role in your online retail ecosystem by enabling you to outsource the complex logistics of order fulfilment. By leveraging our expertise, infrastructure, and technology, we can help online retailers streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and focus on growing their businesses.

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Here is what our customers are saying about the Prep Centre

“Having The Prep Centre Team on hand not only helped me grow Sausage Dog Box and have the confidence to set out some pretty exciting future expansion plans, it also gave me the confidence to launch a new business, as I knew the storage, organisation, fulfillment and trade order side of things would be managed well. In addition, the guys here have so much knowledge, from preparation for Amazon policies, finding cheaper shipping rates and sustainability, I’m really impressed by everything they do. They are not just a fulfilment center Chris, Mike and Torin are a valued part of my small business and I’m over the moon with the brilliant service I have received.”

Owner – Sausage Dog Box

I’m so thankful we found Mike, Chris and the team! I was due to go on partial maternity leave so desperately needed to outsource packing and shipping for my cat subscription / gift box business. My greatest fear was the quality of the boxes not being our usual high standard, but I needn’t have worried. They have an exceptional eye for detail and great communication. I’ve gained back hours and hours of my time each week, that I can now spend focusing on the business and spending more time with my baby. I can’t thank Mike and the team enough! “

Emily McMahon, Director, Gus & Bella Box –