What is the Prep Centre

Based strategically in east Dorset with easy links to the A31, M27, M3, Bournemouth Airport and national distribution companies, The Prep Centre is a growing business built on reputation and a strong commitment to delivery, literally! Mike, Torin and Chris have many years of experience in business and customer satisfaction personally.  

Our sole reason for being is specialising in the handling, storage, processing, and shipping of products for online retailers.

Each day we support our many customers by:

Receiving and Inventory Management

We receive shipments of products from suppliers or manufacturers. We carefully inspect, count, and organise the inventory, ensuring accuracy and quality control. Advanced inventory management systems track each product’s location when in transit.

Providing storage and warehousing:

Once received, products are stored in our secure warehouse in East Dorset. Our warehouse optimised for efficient storage, with shelving, racks, and systems designed to maximise space utilisation while allowing easy access to inventory.

Order Processing

When a customer places an order on an online store, we receive the order details electronically. The Prep Centre staff then pick the items from the warehouse shelves according to the order specifications. They carefully package the items, often using customised packaging materials to ensure safe transit.

Shipping and Logistics:

Once packaged, orders are handed over to shipping carriers for delivery to the customer. The Pre Centre work with various shipping providers to offer a range of shipping options, from standard to expedited delivery. We also manage shipping logistics, including tracking shipments, generating shipping labels, and coordinating with carriers for timely delivery.

Returns Processing

 In addition to fulfilling orders, The Pre Centre can handle returns and exchanges. We can receive returned items from customers, inspect them for damage or defects, and restock them in inventory if appropriate.

Technology and Automation

 At the Prep Centre we use technology and automation to streamline operations and improve efficiency. This includes barcode scanning, inventory management software, and order tracking systems. These technologies help minimise errors, reduce labour costs, and increase order accuracy.